first laugh

I think Sammy had his first laugh today with dad. It was something I have been waiting for and I am so glad I could hear it!


happy birthday lauren!

We love and miss you so much! Wish we could be with you to celebrate!


the zoo

this is from one to two months...

I love the lighting in this photo.

Sammy at 2 months...

Sammy made his first real word sounding thing 2 days ago. It was a baaaa sound and it was very cute. He really loves to your mouth and imitate your sounds.

something I love to look at...



update on Sam and Jack

So Sammy had his first 6 hour stretch about 3 days ago at night. Then the next night he woke up a couple times. It is nice that he is trying regardless to be a great sleeper. He is super aware of everything and smiles all the time. He is cooing and making so many noises while I talk to him. Jack loves his brother and thinks it is really funny to pat on his belly to make him smile. It almost seems like he is going to giggle soon.

Jack loves the movie "Cars" and watches it all the time. He has his "Mater" with him at all times. He loves to line up all his automobiles in a row or line around the house. He carries about 3 or 4 cars with him wherever he goes. He still reapeats the last thing you say sometimes. My little parrot.

This was cute from awhile ago...



happy 70th birthday dad!

sammy at 2 months...

This is so late but I wanted to get something written before he was 3 months!
Sam is cooing and trying to talk to me in his own little way. He was 11 pounds 10 ounces at his 2 month check up.
23.5 inches in height. He was 50 percentile, which makes me feel really good. Jack was always so small and it made me so nervous he was never eating enough. Sam also likes tummy time and his pacifier. He has been sleeping really well at night, and during the day. I have been really blessed with a good little soul. He seems like he is going to be a really nice person. Something in his smile tells me that. Jack love him so much and has been very protective of him. When other people hold him he tells them that he is mommy's Sammy. It is very neat having two little boys.