new things

Sammy tried a little bite of food today for the first time. I need to write down what he has been up to the last month as well! Where does the time go? He is super smiley and it is always a pleasure to be around him. He is laughing more. Especially with peek-a-boo and when you kiss his belly.

Jack is definitely two. Saying no to me so often and not listening. He seems to only want to eat lollypops at the moment.

We had a great Christmas. It was fun to see how much he loved opening presents. HIs favorite qoute was, "I am so excited!" and "Oh my gosh!"


sammy's new hat

sammy about to roll over

Sammy is just about to roll! He is so sweet, one of the happiest little guys I have ever met. I love in the morning when I wake him up he has the best smile for me.


car accident

I can't believe my luck! I was in a car accident yesterday that totaled my car. The other driver went through a red light going about 40. Luckily no one was hurt. I am just really shaken up about it. I need a new year to come soon. Or some better luck.

On the brighter side Sammy is making a ton of noise. Especially when music is on or when you talk to him. It is really cute. He is really cute. And so is little Jack.


thank you

I am so thankful for my friends and family. Thanks for being so good to me when I was in my chair for two months!

3 months!

Sorry this is so late but Sammy is officially 3 months old. He has started to think about turning over. Laughing occasionally and smiling all the time. He looks around when he hears a familiar voice and gets really excited when he sees John or I. He loves laying and looking up at things that he can grab. He has been fighting a little cold, but is getting over it quickly. He definitely is a baldy like his mom. Sorry Sammy!

I love that little boy so much.

Jack today while looking at a globe..."That is my earth." I like that he notices those things.